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1.1 US vs. EU vs. UK Women's Shoe Sizing...?


US 5-5.5/EU 36/UK 3

US 6-6.5/EU 37/UK 4

US 7-7.5/EU 38/UK 5

US 8-8.5/EU 39/UK 6

US 9-9.5/EU 40/UK 7

US 10-10.5/EU 41/UK 8

US 11-11.5/EU 42/UK 9

1.2 US vs. EU vs. UK Men's Shoe Sizing...?


US 7-7.5/EU 40/UK 8

US 8-8.5/EU 41/UK 9

US 9-9.5/EU 42/UK 10

US 10-10.5/EU 43/UK 11

US 11-11.5/EU 44/UK 12

US 12-12.5/EU 45/UK 13

US 13-13.5/EU 46/UK 14

US 14-14.5/EU 47/UK 15

1.3 Do you carry Wides or Narrows?

No unfortunately we are to small of a store to carry different widths.  All of our shoes are standard (M) width.  With the exception of Birkenstocks, which come in Narrow & Regular width.  Birkenstocks tend to fit a bit wider than other shoe brands.  (See Birkenstock widths in FAQ's.)

1.4 What makes Vionics so great!?!
Vionic shoes provide essential stability and addictive support. With a contour seamlessly engineered into each shoe, sandal and slipper, Vionic helps support natural alignment from the ground up.

Many of their products are recommended by the APMA, or American Podiatric Medical Association.

Vionic’s technology offers versatility, which means you can have orthotic comfort in your favorite shoes. Only Vionic has its unique orthotic built right into its shoes for orthotic relief without the orthopedic look.
1.5 What size should I order in my Vionics?

Vionics for the most part are true to size.  Most styles come in whole & half sizes.  For sandals only available in whole sizes, we recommend sizing down to the nearest whole size if you wear a half size. For example, if you typically wear a size 7.5, order a size 7 sandal. 

1.6 Is there a break-in period for Vionics?

Most people will find Vionic shoes and orthotics comfortable right out of the box. For others, their experience may be different.

In these cases, for the greatest comfort, we recommend wearing your new Vionic footwear for just a few hours for the first few days to allow your feet to adjust to the new level of orthotic comfort and support. Within one to two weeks you should find the product completely comfortable and supportive.

1.7 What is the Birkenstock sizing compared to US sizing?
1.8 What is the difference in the Birkenstock Regular and Narrow Widths?
1.9 How should a Birkenstock fit & What is the break-in period?

Your feet should be able to move freely without your toes hitting the edge of the footbed.

Before trying them on, put one hand under the toe and one under the heel, then flex the footbed a few times. This will initiate the break in period and will your help your new sandals feel comfy sooner.

Open all straps and step into the footbed. Close the straps comfortably, leaving enough space to allow your feet the freedom of movement. Exhale and enjoy.

For the first five or six times you wear your new footwear, limit the time to just a few hours. This allows your feet and body to gradually get used to the contoured arch support as well as the straps and buckles.

1.10 What are the unique features of a Birkenstock original cork footbed?

The original is also the most extraordinary. At the heart of every Birkenstock sandal, clog, boot and shoe is the footbed that started it all. That’s right, Birkenstock invented the contoured footbed, introducing the concept in the 1930s for anatomically shaped insoles with incredible support. Since then, many have tried to copy the idea, but there is only one that can proudly bear the Birkenstock name.

Allows toes to move naturally, which promotes better balance and correct foot alignment

Encourages natural gripping motion of your feet

Four arches ensure even weight distribution and proper posture

Cradles the heel and keeps natural cushioning right under the heel bone

Flexible, durable and lightweight

Two layers – one wicks away moisture, the other adds strength

Firm, resilient cork/latex base for maximum support

Soft suede keeps your feet comfortable and dry

1.11 What is SFB with regard to a Birkenstock?

SFB stands for Soft-Foot Bed.  It is an added feature in some Birkenstock styles.

It’s simple - all the goodness of Birkenstock's classic Footbed with an extra layer of cushioning foam inserted between the suede footbed liner and the layers of cork and jute below.

1.12 What are the differences in Birkenstock's Upper Materials?

Birkenstock Upper Materials:

Top quality leathers and synthetic materials ensure a premium-level all-around product.

* Natural leather can be recognized by its untreated surface. Birkenstock does not treat surface grains and other natural characteristics, leaving every piece unique.
* Patent leather is coated with paint or plastic to give it its notable high gloss shine.
* Suede is a general term for leather that has been buffed on the inside. It has an unfinished yet soft surface.
* Nubuck is a top-grain leather with a softly-buffed surface. Because of its fine fibers, nubuck is sensitive to moisture and color, and a surface treatment may be recommended for extra protection.
* Wool felt is made from merino wool, a high-quality natural fiber that is gentle on the skin and breathable.
* Felt is a thick material made from synthetic fibers. Birkenstock felts are highly durable, and at the same time comfortable, breathable and soft to the touch.
* Birko felt is made from a blend of rayon and synthetic fibers.
* Birko felt nubuck is a synthetic material that looks and feels like nubuck leather.
* Birko-Flor® is a high-quality synthetic material. The upper layer is an easy-to-care-for PVC. The lining is a soft, breathable fleece that’s comfortable next to the skin.

1.13 What does "BB" mean with regard to a Birkenstock?

BB stands for BirkoFlor or Birkobuc, which is the upper material for that style. 

* Birko felt nubuck is a synthetic material that looks and feels like nubuck leather.
* Birko-Flor® is a high-quality synthetic material. The upper layer is an easy-to-care-for PVC. The lining is a soft, breathable fleece that’s comfortable next to the skin.

1.14 What is EVA with regard to Birkenstocks?

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a high-quality, very light, elastic material with very good cushioning.  As a result, it smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and ensures that every step is softly cushioned.  The high-quality, odor-neutral EVA has been tested for harmful substances and combines numerous positive attributes.  It’s waterproof, ultra lightweight, washable and therefore extremely easy to care for.

2.1 Do you have gift cards for purchase?

Yes we do!!  Gift Cards can be purchased by calling our store directly at 269-857-7463.  They can be purchased for any amount and do not expire.  They make a great GIFT!!  :)

2.2 I have a gift card to your store, can I use online at this website?

Yes, you can make a purchase on our website using your FTLOS gift card.  If you have any problems or questions, just give us a call at 269-857-7463.

Thank you!

2.3 How do I check the balance on my gift card?

We will be happy to check the balance for you, just give us a call at 269-857-7463 or send us an email at [email protected]  You will need to have the bar code number ready on the back of your gift card.

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